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AcuMed Kit for Motion Sickness.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Without the Acupuncture!

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About AcuMED

Normally Auricular Therapy is applied with needles (acupuncture) or laser.

AcuMed provides safe natural products that utilize auricular therapy, a Non-invasive Stimulation of acupressure points in the ear.

This corrects the imbalance within the body’s Energy Flow called “qi” or “chi” and gives you the euphoric feeling of well-being.

No more needles, lasers or prescriptions. AcuMed device provides all these benefits without acupuncture.

AcuMed Unlimited inc. offers a safe, no side effects, comfortable, reusable and stylish system. We guarantee it to the consumer and your loved ones!

Placing it on the ear as directed will give you the same results as needles (acupuncture). Use it anywhere anytime!


About AcuMED for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is mainly associated with travel (planes, trains, boats etc), with this in mind, you might not want to mention the word travel. Now you have the option to pick up and travel the globe without any fear of getting.

What is AcuMed for Motion Sickness?

AcuMed is an alternative solution geared towards improving Health & Wellness. All off our products are manufactured here in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. We accomplished this without the use of any drugs, topical medications, patches, gums or any other substances that may be harmful to the body. We have combined modern technology with proven natural remedies to restore your health.

What is Auricular Therapy?

Auricular therapy (also known as auriculotherapy or auricular acupressure), simply stated, it is a method of using the ear to treat many conditions and ailments that over 200 million Americans suffer from annually (weight loss, Quitting Smoking, Stress & Anxiety, Motion Sickness and many more)


*CAUTION! DO NOT touch the device during the treatment.

Why AcuMed